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  Global Engineering is a leading manufacturer of test equipment for the corrugating Industry. It manufactures over 140 models of test equipment for testing 40 different properties! They presently sell in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Far East. Now through Dream Tech Consulting they are introducing their test equipment to the US market! To get established in the United States they are offering all of their test equipment at unheard of low prices, which include airfreight to Atlanta! Their test Equipment is excellent, their service is great, and includes a full One-year warranty! We have also found that they are the nicest people to deal with, and so will you!!
G1: Global Concora Tester  
PRICE $6,340.00 plus S&H  

Concura Medium Flutter is used to determine the flat crush resistance / CMT value of a packaging or similar grade of paper. The flat crush resistance paper, the force being applied perpendicular to a plane tangential to the flutes as per standard testing conditions.

Test Description: A rectangular test piece is corrugated between heated corrugated rolls. The flutes are set and held together by a strip of double sided adhesive tape so that a single phased test piece of a corrugated board is obtained to determine the flat crush resistance

G2: Drop Tester  

PRICE $3,836.00 plus S&H.



Drop Tester is to determine the ability of fibre board containers to withstand vertical impact in free drops. The test may be performed as a single test or multiple test to determine and analysis the conditions that occur on a package during handling & transit. It serves as effective equipment for package design and performance analysis before production and use. Essential for quality control and development for consumers of corrugated and solid fiberboard, shipping containers, etc.

Test Description: Drop Tester consists of a package holding platen. An instant platen release lever mechanism is provided on the backside of the instrument. A scale is provided on the column shaft to set the drop height. An additional lever clamp mechanism is provided to facilitate the holding of the package in various angle and drop at corners.

G3: Global Crush Tester  
PRICE $14,386.00 plus S&H

  Ring Crush Tester is efficient and easy to use equipment intended for testing paper, corrugated board and its components as well as performing compression test on small packages. A crush test detects poor adhesive penetration, spotty adhesion and carton board with low bond strength. The bonding strength of glue of selected liners / flutings of a corrugated board are determined by using the PAT test. Sturdy design of the instrument ensures that the parallelism of the plates is maintained for accurate results.
G4: Global Micrometer  
PRICE $1,109.00 plus S&H.






  Caliper Thickness Gauge is an ideal instrument for measuring caliper thickness of Paper, Paperboard, Corrugated Board, Plastics etc.
G5: Ring Crush / Concora Strip Cutter

PRICE $3749.00 plus S&H




  Ring Crush / Concora Strip Cutter is used for accurate and rapid preparation of test pieces for use in RCT, CMT, and CCT test without ant deformation and damage Ring Crush / Concora Strip Cutters are designed to eliminate the causes of errors associated with hand-cut samples.
The accuracy of test is not only dependent on the accuracy with which the procedure is carried out, but also the accuracy of cutting the test pieces (specimens) from the original sample
G6: The New Revolutionary Tilting Cobb Size


PRICE $993.00 plus S&H




Cobb Tester determines water absorption/penetration (Cobb Value) of paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard and other sheet materials. Cobb value is the Quality of water in mgs absorbed by surface of 100 cm squared of the specimen on one side only in a specified time under a specified head of water. It measures the weight increases of a sample exposed to water for a given time.

The container mounted on a stand and filled with the specified amount of water that can be turned upside down to contact with water with a knob. After the test time has elapsed it is turned back and sample taken for analysis. The filled water can be used several times before it replenished. The lid is clamped by way of spring loaded grips. This Test Apparatus will save you valuable Time & Money

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